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Best of Kenya and Tanzania

Embark on "The Ultimate East African Odyssey," an 11-day expedition that transcends the conventional safari to offer an adrenaline-fueled adventure through Kenya and Tanzania's most legendary landscapes. From the moment you touch down at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you're not just a traveler; you're an explorer, venturing into the heart of the wilderness where every day promises new thrills and unforgettable encounters.

Day 1: Arusha's Gateway  

Your journey kicks off in Arusha, Tanzania's safari capital, where the luxury of your premium hotel offers a stark contrast to the wild adventures that await. Here, the anticipation of the untamed builds as you prepare to dive into Africa's heart.  


Day 2 -3 : Into the Serengeti's Embrace 

With the dawn, you journey to the Serengeti, a name that evokes the very essence of safari. This vast, sprawling ecosystem is your playground, where the dance of predator and prey plays out against a backdrop of endless plains. Your afternoon game drive in Serengeti is just the beginning, offering a glimpse into the raw beauty and sheer scale of this ancient land. 


The Serengeti awakens your primal instincts with a day dedicated to exploring its far reaches. From the leopard's stealth in the Seronera Valley to the majestic lions atop granite kopjes, each moment is a brush with the wild. The luxury of your Serengeti Lodge awaits at day's end, a haven amidst the wilderness. 


Day 4 & 5 : Ngorongoro Crater – A Lost World  

Transition to the Ngorongoro Crater, a microcosm of African wildlife. Here, within the world's largest intact volcanic caldera, you encounter a lost world where the Big Five roam against a backdrop of unparalleled vistas.   


Descend into the crater's heart, where a full day's exploration reveals the density and diversity of life in this unique ecosystem. Close encounters with the rare black rhino and vast herds grazing on the crater floor underscore the day's once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  


Day 6 & 7: Amboseli – Beneath Kilimanjaro's Gaze  

Cross into Kenya towards Amboseli National Park, famous for its elephant herds and the iconic silhouette of Mount Kilimanjaro. Your Amboseli Lodge, nestled in the park's heart, offers a luxurious base for your exploration of these storied landscapes.  


Amboseli unfolds in all its glory with full-day game drives that bring you face-to-face with the giants of the savannah. The park's vastness, under the shadow of Kilimanjaro, offers a day of discovery and awe, punctuated by moments of tranquility at the lodge.  


Day 8 & 9: Masai Mara – The Ultimate Safari  

Early morning flight to Masai Mara. The adventure crescendos as you enter the Masai Mara, a name synonymous with the safari experience. Here, the vast, game-rich plains set the stage for dramatic encounters with the wildlife that call this corner of Kenya home.   

 Immerse yourself in the Mara with game drives that explore its richness and diversity. The annual wildebeest migration, river crossings, and the relentless pursuit of survival offer a spectacle unmatched anywhere on Earth, offering a fitting climax to your safari adventure.  


Day 10: Nairobi – City of Contrasts  

Journey to Nairobi, a city where modernity and nature coexist. Your stay in Nairobi offers a moment to reflect on the contrasts of East Africa, from its bustling cities to its silent, endless plains. As you return to Nairobi, the memories of the wild linger, a testament to the indelible mark of this journey through Kenya and Tanzania's most iconic landscapes.   


Day 11: Farewell to the Wild   

Your departure from Nairobi is not just the end of a trip but the beginning of a lifelong connection to the wild heart of East Africa. This "Ultimate East African Odyssey" is more than an itinerary; it's an invitation to witness the raw, unscripted beauty of the natural world, offering an adventure that challenges, charms, and changes you. It's a journey through the very soul of Africa, where each day unveils the extraordinary and etches itself into your memory as the ultimate safari experience. 

Tour Cost

from USD 4550 per person sharing

Note price is subject to availability at time of booking, and is based on low season dates of travel and serves as a guideline. Price may change depending on actual datse of travel. Terms Apply


  • Price based on a minimum of 4 adults travelling together.

  • Transport in a Safari 4x4 Landcruiser on exclusive use with the services of an experienced and knowledgeable English-speaking guide.

  • Accommodation as indicated on a full-board basis (B, L, D).

  • National Park entrance/conservation fees/ community fees.

  • Game drives, airport & road transfers as per the itinerary.

  • Amboseli – Mara flight inclusive of airport taxes 


  • Additional Wellbeing Spa treatments  

  • Discretionary expenditure (including gratuities, laundry, all beverages, items of a personal nature)  

  • Any additional activities not mentioned e.g. Masai cultural villages, Balloon Safari etc  

  • Visas  

  • Travel and medical insurance  

  • Any statutory increases beyond our control

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