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We're here to get your travel plans right

With so many vendors and offers out there, you’re unsure which ones work for you or trust and offer the level of quality you are looking for? We work with vetted professional vendors and suppliers to eliminate the feeling that you did not choose a reputable company for your dream vacation.


What makes us an expert on the destinations we build trips to? Our team has personally traveled to these destinations and have first-hand experiences. At Holiday Bazaar, we’re on the ground year-round, with our fingers always on the pulse of what’s new and what’s happening.  We help you not miss opportunities and authentic experiences in unique and exciting places.


Lastly, our itineraries are merely inspiration. We’re just as happy to tailor one of our tours to meet your specific wants and needs, so you can experience the destinations offered on your terms.

Jinal Shah

Group Managing Director 


Agency owner 

Very well known in the travel industry for his hands-on experience in trouble shooting plus driving the business forward.

Nishma Shah

Luxury Travel Planner


Agency Owner

Authority and travel industry expert in worldwide destination luxury travel planning for the last 27+ years making her one of the most sought-after travel advisors.

Business Meeting

We’re proud our clients have great experiences using our services. We enjoy working with them to plan each trip and it is a special bonus when we receive positive feedback. See for yourself what our customers think about working with us.

Keyboard and Mouse

At Holiday Bazaar, we go beyond your average Travel Agency. We regularly provide news and useful information to make every trip as enjoyable as possible. Check out our full collection of resources and travel better today.

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At Holiday Bazaar, we believe in maintaining long-term relationships with all of our clients. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure all the trips we plan and book are absolutely flawless. Get to know us below.

Fatma Omar

African Travel & Group Travel Specialist

Planning your African holiday may seem as easy as booking your accommodation online, picking a flight, and packing your bags, however, if you are unfamiliar with the continent, you could make mistakes that could lead to a disappointing trip. Use an African travel specialist to avoid these mistakes.

Avni Shah

Corporate Travel Advisor

Rakhee Shah

Luxury & Group Travel advisor

If you're planning a trip after the pandemic, maybe it's time to call a professional. I can help you navigate the strange new world of airlines. Travel is radically and almost unrecognizably different after the pandemic. That is why you need a travel advisor. "Travel sites are filled with data and information; travel advisors are filled with wisdom and ingenuity."

I offer carefully curated, women-only, luxury travel for those seeking adventure outside of their everyday lives and to outgrow their comfort zones. Create a luxurious and fun environment that will allow you to thoroughly enjoy yourself in a beautiful destination.

Josephine Akinyi

Airline Ticketing & Safaris Specialist

Airline Travel Advisor supplying travelers with pertinent information, analyze fares and their conditions to help them make the best choice for their travel arrangements.

Jai Shah

Corporate Travel Advisor

All the more that you would want to use a travel advisor for your flights, you can rest assured that I shall take care of all your travel and cut out the confusion from information overload.

Bindi Gada

Luxury Travel Advisor 

Having traveled extensively my self, My sense of adventure and a keen appreciation of different cultures helps me plan exceptional experiences for our guests. For me, travel is all about really experiencing the news, and I love creating these journeys for our travelers too. 

Our Experience Enhances Yours

It’s that feeling when you come face to face with one of nature’s wonders. The excitement when you experience a culture new to you. The sheer pleasure in enjoying the surroundings of unparalleled luxury.


We understand how you feel and what you need because we are travelers too.  From honeymooners to groups of friends & families, we understand the different demands of a holiday and work closely with you to ensure these requirements are met.