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It's Time for an African Safari

Why not take one dream vacation in your lifetime?

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The most incredible experiences

Do wide open spaces totally social distanced from the rest of the world with only your near and dear resonate with you? Then it’s time to visit the beautiful African Continent and it’s time for an African Safari. If you are ready for this experience, then we have the perfect fit for you with the most outstanding places on this continent.




Request a Call Back

We'll explain what we actually do, how it all works, and how we might be able to help. We'll discuss your objectives, and maybe even throw around a few ideas to begin.  From there, we'll send you a summary by e-mail and if all looks good - get started on a proposal


Research and Proposal

We're firm believers in knowing whom you're dealing with before a single dime gets spent. Based on our initial conversations, we'll start digging through our mountains of resources to prepare a complimentary proposal for you, outlining your trip type with options of hotels, activities, and other elements we think would add some color 


Execution & Delivery

Your journey starts here.  After seeing our proposal, you'll decide whether you want to engage us to plan your experience.  We'll get cracking on diving deeper into the finer details, ultimately putting together a very detailed budget and itinerary for your final approval. Only after you're happy with the budget and itinerary will we move ahead to book all the components of your trip.


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Why work with us

We fully understand the nature of the travel you are booking, and we know what would happen should you change, cancel or refund 

We get our elbows in the dirt and handle all the tough things for you. 

We can understand and analyze the fare basis & terms and conditions for you.  

We have a direct trade line for suppliers.

We help you with information overload. 

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Our Message

The best advice is possible. Really good advice is the cornerstone requirement for any ‘specialist’ holiday and will turn your experience of Africa from a ‘good’ holiday to an ‘exceptional’ holiday.

Planning and booking a specialist holiday should be a fun and energizing experience. You will find total flexibility throughout and attention to detail with your preferences and requirements. We are known for our personalized professional service. We are passionate about travel and our top priority is to make you feel relaxed, supported, and cared for during your travel experience

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