Insurance for nomads

Travel medical insurance. We cover people from all over the world, while outside their home country.

Coverage works the same as any other illness as long as it was not contracted before your coverage start date, and does not fall under any other policy exclusion or limitation.

Testing for COVID-19 will only be covered if deemed medically necessary by a physician. The antibody test is not covered, as it is not medically necessary.

As of April 15th 2021, Nomad Insurance also covers quarantine outside your home country of $50/day for up to 10 days (with the limitation of being once within a 364-day period). The coverage requires that:

  1. You are covered by Nomad Insurance for a minimum of 28 days.

  2. Your quarantine is mandated by a physician or governmental authority, because you have either tested positive for COVID-19 OR you are symptomatic and waiting for your test results.

How to file a claim. 

Fill out and upload the form

Fill out the claimant’s statement with relevant information and bank details, and upload it together with photos or screenshots of receipts here. Click on ‘Submitting a Claim or an Appeal’ on the right.

If this is a travel related claim, you don’t have to fill out medical information, just personal info and bank details and attach a note about what you are filing the claim for.

Important: You can use your preferred PDF program to fill out the claimant’s statement, but we advise you against doing this in a web browser, as your data might not get saved and you might have to start over.

Receive the confirmation

Wait up to 3 business days for a confirmation email that your claim is in processing.

Follow the process

Your claim should take less than 45 days to be processed. You can follow the process on WorldTrips' Client Zone. Click here to see instructions.

Get reimbursed

If approved, you will receive the reimbursement into your bank account by a wire transfer.*

*If your claim is less than the USD $250 deductible and this is your first claim, your refund will be substracted from your deductible and there will not be a reimbursement until your total claim amount for the certificate period (max 364 days) is more than $250.