The natural beauty of the volcanic Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is simply breath-taking. Verdant forest, palm-fringed white sands and exotic coral reefs make certain that Mauritius holidays are truly the stuff of dreams, an ideal ‘flop and drop’ at the conclusion of your safari. Discover the ultimate paradise on the sandy white pristine beaches which make this volcanic island a premier luxury vacation destination. Mark Twain described it as heaven on Earth with its lush forests, streams and waterfalls all surrounded by the ubiquitous coconut palm. How right he was.


Our mesmerizing Mauritius tour package, spanning, offers a time to get wild, hop on a quad bike, horse or 4-wheeler and zoom to the nature park of Domaine Les Pailles. 

3* from USD $1,250.00 Per Person Sharing

4* from  USD $1,545.00 Per Person Sharing

5* from  USD $1,670.00 Per Person Sharing
Includes flights, accommodation
and return airport transfers

Mauritius is a fascinating, world-in-one-island slice of paradise. You will enjoy the cultural heritage and Natural History  before losing yourself in the Port Louis Market.

3* from USD $2,105.00 per couple

4* from USD $2,650.00 per couple

5* from USD $3,020.00 per couple
Includes flights accommodation
and return airport transfers