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Vegan Travel Destinations

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Today the vegan diet is no longer a trend; it’s a lifestyle, and

a very needed one if you want to stay healthy and live a long,

happy life while taking care of the environment.

Finding vegan alternatives in restaurants is getting easier

worldwide, but some travel destinations are really going the

extra mile. Here are the top 5 travel destinations that are easy

to travel to.

1. Lisbon

Lisbon might very well be the most beautiful city in Europe, at

the very least, it’s one of the most colourful. For vegan food,

the Portuguese city certainly ranks high. It is illegal for

public schools and universities not to offer vegan options — and

that’s a statement.

With an already veggie-heavy diet, it comes as no surprise the

city offers a wide variety of vegan alternatives. Expect plant-

based burgers and sushi, and, of course, the city’s famous sweet

two-biters, the pastéis de nata.

Lisbon is a walkable city; you can spend the day getting lost in

its pebbled streets, and you don’t have to walk far to find a

vegan restaurant or café.

2. Taiwan

Taiwan, a small island near the Chinese coast is a popular

foodie destination. The night markets are legendary, and so are

the tender and steamy dumplings found in every other corner.

Despite what you might think, the island is quite modern and

chick, but it has deep roots into their cooking traditions. A

large portion of the population is Buddhist, meaning many dishes

stay clear from animal products.

Lots of dishes, like the famous dumplings, are steamed, and more

often than not filled with veggies, and noodle soups and broths

are imaginative and served with or without meat.

The vegan community is strong in Taiwan, and you will find many

establishments dedicated to the plant-based diet. It comes as no

surprise some consider the small country a vegan heaven.

3. Thailand

Some countries are vegan friendly, but in Thailand, you don’t

even have to try! The abundance of fresh produce, ripe veggies

and sweet fruit are overwhelming; they’re in the markets and

every other corner.

With deep roots into Buddhism, the concept of being vegan is

part of Thailand’s normality. Loo for the word “jay” in the

menus and street signs to make sure you’re entering a vegan

oriented eatery.

Curry and noodle dishes are aromatic and satisfying, but there

are also many western-inspired dishes; in Thailand, you will not

only be eating fresh and healthy, but you’ll also be eating


4. Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia, is a coastal city in the Victoria region,

and it’s considered the trendiest city in Australia, even more

than Sydney. Here, food is not an afterthought, there’s real

talent behind the pots and pans, and vegan food is not only well

represented, it’s widely embraced.

For breakfast, try scrambled tofu, and for a hearty lunch, try

an eggplant schnitzel or a vegan burrito. Melbourne even has its

own vegan pizzerias.

Add to this the thriving speciality coffee scene and the close

by wine regions to visit, and you have a complete foodie

experience on your hands.

5. Israel

Israel is a hot travel destination right now; the country is the

perfect combination of ancient history and modernity. Food-wise,

Israel’s cooking traditions have always been aligned with

wellness, and vegan food is top notch. Did someone say hummus?

The country has been called the most vegan-friendly destination

in the world. Chickpeas and lentils, essential plant-based

proteins, are well represented in everyday meals, and top

Israelite chefs have taken vegan food to culinary heights never

seen before. For a street-food two-biter to a five-star fine

dining experience, Israel offers vegan food for every palate and

every occasion.

Being a Vegan Travel Is Easier than Ever!

The list for vegan-friendly destinations is getting longer every

day, and we’re just getting started. Plant-based alternatives

for everything from steak to cheese are on the rise, and the new

generation of chefs is more than committed to making magic with

these ingredients.

If you were worried about not being able to keep your commitment

to a vegan diet on your travels, fear not. The world is on your


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