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What to pack

Packing for an African safari is vastly different than packing for just about any other trip, and it’s often a challenge for first time safari goers. Not only do most safari goers have weight restrictions on bush flights (a typical weight restriction is 15 kilograms or 33 pounds total per person, including camera equipment and carry-ons), but you also have the challenge of knowing which types of clothes to wear on safari are appropriate. We have put together our tips for what to pack for an African safari What to pack for a safari isn’t just about the clothing, either. There’s a lot of little quirky things about traveling to Sub-Saharan Africa that you need to know before you go. 

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10 Things You Must Consider For Your Safari Plans

If you are planning a Safari holiday to Kenya there are important elements most independent safari seekers miss out on. A Kenya safari is a life time experience, it could turn out to be a very expensive exercise and you end up missing out on the real value. Please find some important guide line if you really wish to capture the moments and live to tell.

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Tarvel Insurance

Get affordable travel insurance cover for your next business or personal trip

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Useful links

Do you want to track your flight or convert currency? Here are some links that make your travel easier

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Web Check -In

Have you booked your ticket?

You may now easily proceed to your web check-in!
Just choose the airline you are flying with, click on the relevant link and you are almost…ready to fly!

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