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The Organised Planner


You are detailed and conscientious, planning your entire vacation down to the minute. Before you even get onto the plane, you’ve got your itinerary all planned out - down to the cafes, bars, museums, restaurants, musicals, and local attractions to visit. Your friends probably love that you’re traveling with them; they barely have to lift a finger. From directions to transport and more; you’re the expert everyone turns to. You’ve packed the itinerary full to the brim, there’s something to do every hour. Everyone wants to travel with you because you just make things so much easier! You love to stay organized. Whether you have 2 days or 2 weeks, you'll be able to fit in all the sights with time to spare. For you, travel is all about pampering yourself to the fullest. After all, it's a vacation, so "do it yourself" has no part in this playbook.  Certainly, a spa-time indulgence or dinner at the trending, a local bistro is well within your consideration. Maybe it’s a round of golf or a tasting tour of local craft spirits that piques your curiosity. You’re open to exploration and authentic but tend to seek out the finest a destination has to offer.



South Korea

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