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In Bremen

The Explorer

Guidebook? You need no stinking guidebook! Digging in to see what makes a place tick,
that what you do. Otherwise known as a free-spirit, strangers soon become friends. You’re
all about striking up a conversation to get the inside scoop and learn the local’s way of doing
things. The spontaneity of travel is what invigorates you. Possessing a heightened sense of
recognizing opportunity, you're ready to broaden your horizons at a moment's notice. That’s
right, no sideline viewing for you. You fit right in at the local brewpub or Saturday afternoon
festivities. You’re ready to lead the pack to a “secret” swimming hole or gather them up for a
night on the town. You’ve been labeled by many as mellow, and are usually the peacekeeper
among your friends thanks to your genial and cheerful disposition. You make a great travel
companion, and you’re in good company as well!
We think you would love to get lost in these destinations.

Places that you can walk and do your own exploration

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Rhonda, Spain

Machu Picchu, Peru

Bagan, Myanmar
Marrakesh, Morocco

The list is endless. Get in touch for more ideas and inspiration

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