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Where to next - top 4 must visit destinations

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Traveling was something we used to take for granted, but not anymore. As the world slowly and safely opens back up to explore, there is an urgent sense of wanderlust that is making many people itch to book their next trip. As you look start asking “where to next” and begin planning your next holiday, here are four amazing places that should be on your list.

Western Australia.

Western Australia has a mix of arid rugged Outback, breathtaking turquoise coastline, and exquisite wineries that make visiting here a pleasure for all the senses. The Western part of Australia is full of everything you could want in one visit! Whether you’re interested in soaking up the sun on soft white sandy beaches, hiking through incredible National parks and natural wildlife reserves, shopping at high end luxury brands in a metropolitan city, or spending the day sipping away, Western Australia has your name on it.


Japan, and specifically Tokyo, continues to be one of the coolest places in the world to visit. The bustling city life, the bright lights, and the fascinating culture makes Tokyo a popular destination for many people. The beauty of Tokyo is you can immerse yourself into the traditional culture of Japan and learn about their beautiful history, but also enjoy the vibrant vibe of city life with an eclectic street food scene, karaoke bars, and street fashion shows.

Porto, Portugal.

Located in northwest Portugal along the Atlantic Ocean, Porto oozes old world charm and mystery. Historical and cultural buildings remain preserved as well as the colorful homes that dot the coastline, making it a picturesque backdrop for a getaway. One of the best reasons to come to Porto is to enjoy Port wine, which originated in this region. You will find many port wine houses tucked into little alleys and along the waterfront which makes for the perfect ending to a beautiful evening.


Namibia, located in Southwest Africa may not be on your radar but it should. This wonderful country is juxtaposed by the Atlantic Ocean that runs straight into the Namib Desert. The bright colors of the yellow-orange sand and the deep blue water is a sight worth seeing in and of itself! The rich western African culture and landscape is incredible. You can witness some of the most magnificent wildlife in the world such as cheetahs, rhinos and giraffes on safaris, explore that National Parks, and even stand on the Tropic of Capricorn – pretty fascinating!

If it’s one thing that the global pandemic has taught us, is that many of us have travel dreams and desires on our hearts. Now is the time to fulfill those dreams and desires, because as we’ve realized over the last few months, access to these amazing places isn’t something we may always have. There are so many wonderful and exciting places and cultures to explore in this world, it’s time to start exploring them while we can!

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