Photo of the Week: Wooden Chapel Bridge – Lucerne, Switzerland

Wooden Chapel Bridge

The Wooden Chapel Bridge is an iconic wood bridge that dates back to 1332 on River Reuss, Lucerne in Switzerland. It features one of a kind paintings of Lucerne’s history harking back to the year 1332 and for being the world’s oldest surviving wooden bridge. The paintings depict local and cultural scenes of the Swiss town. Part of its complex is the Wassertum, meaning “water tower”, which existed 30 years before the bridge. Over the course of history the tower has held all sorts of activities, from holding captives, to being a torture chamber and, an archive.

The beautiful city of Lucerne is nestled in the heart of Switzerland on the banks of Lake Lucerne. On one side of the lake is New Town, replete with cultural delights. The Rosengart Collection houses artwork from the 1800’s, including Picasso’s.

Lucerne’s Old Town is tall, colorful houses of medieval times, each competing for the eye, and narrow streets that lead to the Mussegg Wall, part of the fortification walls of 1386. Below are views of the blue Lake Lucerne shimmering under the sun, the rooftops of Old Town and beyond.

Lake Lucerne, atop which the Chapel Bridge stands, is surrounded by and rewards you with unrivaled panoramas of the Swiss Alps. A boat cruise on the lake is a treat – enhanced by graceful swans obliviously gliding across the lake and splendid views of the town, the wooden bridge and ridges afar.