Photo of the Week – Trou Aux Cerfs Volcano, Mauritius

Trou Aux Cerfs Vulcano, Mauritius

The Trou Aux Cerfs in Curepipe, Mauritius is a dormant volcano with a depth of around 100 meters, and unlike the typical volcano, it’s covered in lush greenery of indigenous trees and flowers. Scientists believe the volcano erupted once more than 700,000 years ago and will erupt again. Though it’s dormant now, it’s still a reminder of the sheer force of nature.

In the south west, Black River Gorges defines raw nature. If it isn’t the hills, it’s the thick greenery, or the waterfalls. And you’ll catch sight of the rare pink pidgeon, Mauritius parakeet and the flying fox. But atop the Black River Peak, the highest point in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean is in all its glory, as does the vast landscape and blue lagoons below.

At Casela National Park, the lions and their cubs are nice and ready to play. But so do the majestic giraffes which are eager to be fed, and the camels which won’t mind if you hoist on their backs for a ride or two. At the aviary, a kaleidoscope of beautiful birds, some only found here, is a rewarding sensation.

But you haven’t seen everything unless you’ve been to the world-famous beaches of Mauritius. They’re talcum white, with clear blue-green waters, some with endearing lagoons, and others with colorful aquatic life. And of course, they have countless water sports, if you’d prefer to get in the action.