Knysna Waterfront, South Africa

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Knysna waterfront, South Africa

Knysna Waterfront in South Africa’s Western Cape Province is right on the bank of a magnificent lagoon sandwiched between two dramatic cliffs that majestically shoot out of the water, towering above like two sentinels. The waterfront is at the centre of a raw, dramatic nature area by the name Knysna. It’s synonymous with adventure: admiring the splendor of Western Cape on a cruise, chugging the fresh sea food, or even staring at the serene blue water, and of course the perfect Knsyna keepsake to take home from any of the lovely curio shops.

Knysna is a seaside town tucked between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean. It has been a centre of timber industry, farming and even a fleeting gold rush. Its history traces to Dutch settlers who braved the thick forestry and built farms. But it was George Rex, a former Cape Town resident who came and revitalized the area and agitated for a port, which opened steady but sure movement into the area.

The nature surrounding the town i.e. the forest, ocean, and rivers is dotted with hiking trails. The year-round temperate weather is ideal for any time of year visit to let down your guard kayaking, swimming, fishing and just about every imaginable outdoorsy activity. Even golf lovers are in for a treat at the world class golf courses that are Pezula, Simola and the seasoned Knysna.

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