Jaffa Beach,Tel Aviv, Israel

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Jaffa Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Few places in the world are steeped in complicated and intriguing history like Jaffa in Israel’s Tel Aviv. It’s an ancient port city mentioned severally in the Bible and the subject of multiple invasions throughout history. Jaffa is defined by the charming timelessness of it, and a wander through the old town takes you through meandering alleyways and buildings that have stood the test of time hundreds upon hundreds of years. To escape the midday heat, Jaffa beach offers an escape – a revitalizing dip in the Mediterranean Sea water, an adrenaline-pumping white water rafting.

Jaffa may belong to the far past, but the larger city, Tel Aviv has been around since only early 2oth century.  Hence its modern vibe of skyscrapers and “Bauhaus” buildings – an architectural style that originated from Germany in the early 30’s. Tel Aviv’s “White City” was built from the 30’s to the 50’s using the Bauhaus style, and has the largest collection of these impressive buildings anywhere in the world, earning it a deserved World Heritage spot.

Tel Aviv has a clement weather and laid back atmosphere, coupled with gorgeous sea sides. Its home to world class movie theaters and contemporary art. Still Tel Aviv’s best characteristic is perhaps the locals, who’re known for their straightforward but also laidback nature. They love to party, and several spots around town after night fall are filled with dancing youngins around bars in fun-filled atmospheres.

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