Photo of the Week: Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral

This is an interior shot of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. A cathedral from the medieval era, Notre Dame means “Our Lady of Paris”. It sits atop what was a pagan city – the Ile da la Cite. It’s the most visited monument in Paris today, perhaps for being one of the finest models of French Gothic architecture characterized by elegant “flying” buttresses, a naturalistic theme and extravagantly detailed windows that allow light and colour to gush in. Completed in the 13 century, it’s been an object of desecration during wars as well as expensive restorative projects that returned it to its former glory.

Paris’ Eiffel Tower needs no introduction – it’s always been a favorite since it was built in 1889, holding the distinction of the world’s tallest building until just 2004. Its third floor at 276m is Europe’s highest observation deck – the dizzying height affords mesmerizing views of the frenzied activity below. The Louvre, an erstwhile medieval fortress is now an unrivaled gallery of antique art, including of course the ubiquitous portrait of Mona Lisa by artistic genius Leonardo da Vinci. Paris’ highest point is Montmartre, atop which sits the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, whose spiraling 300 steps takes you to its dome, another unbelievable vista of iconic Paris.

For the best weather friendly and less crowded months, visit Paris from April through June and October through November.