Banff, Canada

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Banff Canada, street view

This is a photo of a street in Banff, Canada, a resort town nestled in the crook of raw and unyielding nature in Canada’s Banff National Park. Because of the rich and dramatic nature it’s set against, Banff’s an exciting bundle of every outdoor activity imaginable including skiing, mountain climbing, biking, bird watching, fishing, canoeing and skiing. Banff National Park is sanctuary to wildlife like the antlered elks, the sea hawk, the grizzly bear, the hoary mamort which will alerts of you of its presence with its trademark whistle long before you spot it, and many more animals.

Banff’s home to staggeringly vivid-blued, world-famous Lake Louise and Lake Morraine. Their emerald appearance is caused by the sun reflecting off the “rock flour” caused by the movement of glaciers beneath their surfaces. Both lakes are surrounded by the intense scenery of rugged, ice peaked mountains and mighty waterfalls – inspiring a reverential feeling.

The Icefields Parkway is another scenery in Banff – a highway punctuated by centuries-old glaciers, waterfalls, an undulating hill range and precariously deep valleys. One of the jaw-droppers are Peyto Lake, another gorgeous blue lake, and also the Mistaya Canyon which features distinctive, curiously curvy walls.

The Banff Gondola is a dizzying, 8 minutes and 4 passenger gondola ride up 670 m in the air to the peak of the Sulphur Mountain, revealing more incredible views of Banff’s panoramic scene: fine lakes, age-old ice fields, dense forests and precipitous landscapes.

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