A reflection of the Rejkmuseum in the canals of Amsterdam

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

A reflection of the Rejkmuseum in the canals of Amsterdam

It’s now six years after the museum was re-launched after a staggering 10 years restoration – to international acclaim. Inside, the architecture is simply riveting – paying tribute to history yet oozing modernity. It has an evocative collection of relics from sculptures to artefacts, to clothing, and evidence of the trouble Dutch seafarers got themselves into. The gardens are ideal to stroll and kick back as you relish the artwork and greenery – totally free of charge.

Amsterdam is a breathtaking city, but nothing’s more magical than floating across in a boat. Historical houses and elegant trees line the canals at the Canal District. Drifting along the waters as you take in the city, whether you take a one hour ride or a hop in/off option is a must do.

The best acoustics the world over might just be those at Concertgebouw, literally meaning “concert hall.” The hall itself is so glamorous, with ornate decorations on the walls, towering at 56’ high and red, posh seats. The incredible renditions of old and contemporary classics remain with you.

But there’s more to Amsterdam than fascinating insights into the past, dreamy water rides or perfect orchestras. At the Anne Frank House are memories of the girl who hid here with her family before falling into the hands of the Nazi during World War II. It does evoke sad memories, but it’s also a testimony to the endurance of the human spirit.

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