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The Magic of Malindi

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

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Just a few miles from Mombasa sits Malindi, one of the country’s most idyllic holiday destinations. We were welcomed by the powdery white sand and swaying palms that seemed to greet the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The forest and the curves of the coastline created secluded coves that are perfect for romantic honeymoons.

Malindi is undoubtedly rich in its history and culture and it has some amazing places that should be a must visit.  We first visited Gedi Ruins which are one of Kenya’s great mysteries. The town was thought to have been founded in the early 13th-century and is set in an idyllic location on the Indian Ocean and buried deep in a lush forest. Later we decided to purchase some naturally made goodies at the Kipepeo (butterfly) Project which markets butterfly and moth pupae, live insects, honey and silk cloth produced by the community. We learnt that the live insects hatched from the pupae are exported and displayed in insect parks globally.

The falconry is another beautiful place that is home to a large collection of birds. We were thrilled to see at close range a wide variety of bird species like Eagles, Owls and Falcons stationed out in the open within the park. You can also opt to carry any of the birds with the help of a guide. It was indeed an amazing experience.

The Vasco Da Gama pillar is also not be missed. It was erected by da Gama as a navigational aid in 1498.  The coral column is topped by a cross made of Lisbon stone, which almost certainly dates from the explorer’s time and the view of the Indian Ocean from here is breathtaking.

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