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Maasai Mara, Kenya

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Wildebeests, Zebras & Gazelle grazing at Maasai Mara Kenya

Few other parks have held the imagination of the whole world like Maasai Mara, a reserve tucked in Narok County, Kenya, a continuation of Serengeti in neighboring Tanzania. Nature knows no boundaries though, as evidenced by the yearly migration of wildebeasts, zebras, topis and Thompson gazelles from Serengeti as they move towards greener pastures in the North, between July and October. The wildebeasts spend their lives migrating, culminating in the en masse trekking north after the pastures dry in Serengeti and then curving back south after the November rains. Of course this part of the cycle is the most fascinating – we captured sights of the beasts escaping or falling prey to crocodile attacks in the Mara River, or an unsuccessful attack by a leopard, or beasts giving up on the journey from sheer exhaustion.

Mara’s a wildlife paradise – you’re sure to see all members of the big five – the Bush elephant, lion, rhino, Cape buffalo and leopard who received the tag from big-game hunters who found these animals the most difficult and dangerous to kill. A safari ride will give you up-close views of them as well as gazelles, giraffes, impalas, antelopes and more animals, as well as hundreds of bird species big and small perching conspicuously atop branches or in stealthy positions angling for a kill. A hot balloon ride at treetop height gives you photo opportunities, while higher altitudes gives you sweeping, horizon to horizon views of the spotted grassland.

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