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Jewels of Jordan

The Ruins of Petra, Jordan

The Ruins of Petra, Jordan

Jordan, situated in the Middle East, is definitely an once-in-a-lifetime destination for many couples. Explore the street food in Amman and taste new and unique foods. Spend time visiting historical sites and learning about the rich culture of the Arabic people. There are so many things to experience and explore near and around Jordan as well.

My journey began in Amman, the heart of it all. I had a fantastic time visiting every place I could, blending in with the locals and discovering everything from delicious food to ancient Roman ruins. Ever wanted to make your perfume? Well, this is the place for you. In downtown Amman, they have little perfume shops where you can test fragrances and bottle up your favorite.

Spa lovers aren’t left behind at all. A traditional Turkish bath is quite the experience. Well, mostly it comes as a surprise as you have to spend the whole day in just your birthday suit- but it will all be worth it. It will leave you feeling fresh and soft like never before!

Had enough about Amman? I hope not because there is more! Ice-cream lovers- this is good news for you. In every twist and turn, you will find so many shops selling ice-cream. So many colors, so many flavors – It’s a color heaven combined with the graffiti on the restaurants.

Head to the Dead Sea and experience the magic for yourself as you float in the cobalt-blue lake.

Have a little adventure as you discover Petra - my first stop was the ancient ruins of the Citadel. The best place to get those fantastic panoramic city views, and also perfect for those who love hiking and have no fear of heights.

The celestial sky Wadi Rum is breathtaking, ancient archaeological sites and landscapes that you only see on postcards but really exist!

End your stay in Aqaba, and enjoy the underwater magnificence of Aqaba,

While these were my favorite things there are so many other things that you can do. Be sure to get in touch with us

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