One O’clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Strolling through Edinburgh’s cobbled streets, I heard a booming gunshot at precisely 1 pm. Unlike many other visitors to Scotland’s capital, who may have been startled, I anticipated this.

The Edinburgh Castle has been around since way back into the 12th century, and has been built on a former volcano. It has served all nature of purposes, from being the home of monarchs to a prison, a military garrison to a fortress.

It’s now 158 years since the first one o’clock gun was fired in Scotland’s capital. Today it’s fired to keep a time-honored tradition, but in the 19th century, it was fired for more important reasons – as a time signal to help sailors set their chronometers.

It’s now 158 years since the first one o’clock gun was fired in Scotland’s capital.

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In the castle’s Royal Palace, I saw rooms where former Scotland royals resided and there are articles which are very important to Scotland’s history, including prized gifts exchanged between ancient kings and popes. The most intriguing to me was the plain-looking stone called Stone of Destiny, whose origin is unknown and is used to swear in royals this very day!

After spending the better part of my day at the castle marveling its unique history, I sneaked into sets of orchestras and live performances at open places and also theaters in the city.

Edinburgh castle is the focal point of incredible history, and the city is outstanding in its unique beauty. Book a trip by contacting us at today!

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