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Croatia’s Hidden Gem, Kvarner

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

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If you are the kind of person that is attracted to mild climate and cobalt waters with more than a beach appeal, then Kvarner is the destination for you. Sandwiched between the tourist hotspots of Dalmatia and Istria, this less heralded part of the Croatian coast has been quietly building up its credentials in the culinary and environmental-protection spheres over the last decade.

Unije is a must-visit site for a yacht tour of Croatia. The magic of this charming island of white-pebble beaches and pure water will steal your heart. Unije belongs to a part of the Mediterranean that is yet to be discovered, where time seems to have stopped, creating a magical atmosphere where a tiny fisherman village lays surrounded by untouched vegetation and a rocky coastline. We really had a great time to experience the peace and quiet far from the quick-paced excitement of other crowded Croatian destinations.

Susak is a unique island made of layers of extra fine sand lying on a base of calcareous rock that is renown for its good wine. Before sailing off, we made sure to have a taste of the local fare, the oldest wine of the Adriatic.

We also had the chance to sail to the enchanting islands of uninhabited Orjule and Tomazina, resting between Cres and Losinj. Here, unspoiled nature and the silence that is only occasionally broken by the crashing of the waves conjure a reinvigorating experience to spend a few hours in the water.

We really had a great time in Kvarner and we would like you to experience the same. Send us an email on to book your holiday.

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