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All you need to know about booking travel for 2021

2020 Proved how Important Travel Advisors are. It has been a tough year for everyone. It’s more like a RESET button for many of us mentally and emotionally. We are all going to need a vacation at some point.

However, a lot has changed in the landscape of the travel industry since the advent of COVID-19. So today I wanted to address some of those frequently asked questions and share how the industry as a whole has adjusted for the better.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you will never be able to book travel the same way you used to do before the pandemic and how to avoid getting caught up in the pitfalls.

The pandemic has shown us just how complicated travel can be. When do you get your COVID test? Which country is currently allowing visa applications? What if your flight is cancelled last minute? These are all important questions that will have a huge impact to you travel experience. However, streamlining that experience shows how travel advisors are a vital component to a relaxed and hassle-free holiday.

The complications surrounding travel insurance are bigger than ever, each different travel personality needs a customized insurance plan. Along with insurance, the general rules for travel have also changed as the industry has become more rigid due to restrictions. A good travel agent can make your entire trip seamless, flexible, and stress-free.

Before the pandemic you could just go ahead and book your accommodation & cruise online. After the pandemic, though you can still book online, you may consider using a travel advisor to check all the rules of ALL elements of your travel, interpreting & analysing them and making sure they match your requirements. If you want flexibility, we will find out flexibility.

Just think of what kind of travel experience you would like to have in 2021/2022 and whatever is important to you, we will make it work. Our team at Holiday Bazaar are experienced travel advisors who have gone through these trying pandemic times. We will bring you the peace of mind and ensure the kind of travel experience you desire.

So, reach out to us when you are comfortable and ready to travel. We are here for you. Direct message, email us at or request a call back directly from our website


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