nova - MESH WiFi


​Frustrated with ​weak WiFi signal, buffering & drop-offs at home or in the office? 


We have the perfect solution without breaking the bank​ and eliminating WiFi dead zones.​


With the mesh technology, NOVA creates a distributed WiFi network that eliminates WiFi dead zones.  Blanket your house with reliable​ ​Mesh​ ​WiFi System

Introducing THE NOVA ​advanced mesh WiFi ​solution  bringing you with whole home WiFi coverage, as well as fast and stable internet connection. Pack of 3 provides you with up to 3500 sq ft of WiFi range; while pack of 2 provides you with up to 2​2​00sq ft of  WiFi range. NOVA supports automatic network optimization and automatic routing selection, allowing you to enjoy a more stable and flexible wireless network.


  • Smart QoS - For excellent streaming, gaming, downloading & uninterrupted video chat experience simultaneously - Intelligent allocation of bandwidth to each connected device.

  • Wide WiFi coverage - Mesh Technology creates a distributed wireless network.     

  • Automatic Handover - With the seamless roaming feature you can go from room to room without losing connection, creating a lag free video call, online gaming experience when you are on the move.

  • Easy Setup - Automatic Plug & Play and works well with all internet providers.  

  • Guest Network - Create a separate network for your guests.

  • Parental Control.

    • Specify whether children's devices such as computers & tablets can access the internet. 

    • Add Multiple devices to one group and control internet access with a click of a button. 

    • Define one or more periods for internet access. 

  • Available as

      • 2 Pack @ KES 10,500/- 

      • 3 pack @ KES 17,500/- 

      • 1 pack @ KES  6,200/-

Contact us on +254722774444 for further details.  


​Watch this 1 minute video to understand how the unit works. ​